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Beautifully made! The animation and the music go together really well thanks to their mutual chaos. All of the character designs are really dynamic and fun. If you were to move forward with this and make those comics you planned on, I'd most certainly be interested in watching them.

Not only am I really fond of your art style, I'm exceedingly fond of the way you tell these things. It's casual fairly direct, but it's serious and insightful all at the same time. This is one of those concepts that, depending on what you do with your life, can either mean something really small or really big, and no matter how significant it ends up being for me, I'll remember it for a long, LONG while.
Thank you for this, I sincerely enjoyed it.

That "I just want to lay down and die" got me hard xD
The animation is actually EXTREMELY smooth, and every bit of detail is noticeably well done.

PhantomArcade responds:

I appreciate that, man. Thanks!

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Ayyyy nice to see you are still making music! This is pretty nice, I don't have much else to say. It seems like it stays in the same place a little but the sound design and mixing are spot-on and the atmosphere it creates is nice.

OpenLight responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it in general. I definitely do want to keep making music, so hopefully I find the time to get more songs finished soon!

This is hands-down an absolute fucking masterpiece.

There's something so mesmerizing about every little bit of this, you have an incredible sense of pacing and progression; each part not only feeds perfectly into the next, they each feel like they have their own bit of character, and as a result of that the work as a whole has such a traveler's journey personality.

The description only proves to me that you definitely achieved your artistic goal here. I really feel like you took me somewhere. Melodies start to function as leitmotifs when they are repeated; every time I heard a familiar melody I felt the same movement but in a new direction because of how it was used in that instance, and eventually by the end of it, you took me back home.

This is a beautiful piece with high-quality production and a captivating full-circle journey. It's the kind of song I would show to boomers to prove that electronic music is still fully capable of telling a story with soul and emotion. Thank you for putting time and effort into putting this together and sharing it with us so we can experience it.

I am soooo happy you uploaded this. A lot of people miss the kind of stuff Bossfight used to make, and since y'all worked together on this and your styles work together really well this exudes all of the energy that people have been missing lately. Seeing this title on Newgrounds made me feel like I had uncovered buried treasure lol, y'all were great back then and are still great to this day. <3

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Really solid art; the texturing, shading, and colors are really well-executed!

Since this is all over Newgrounds right now but partially covered up, I never noticed the feet of the duck and I initially thought this was some hybrid centaur-like creature with the head of a duck and the ass of a corgi, just because of how the colors of their backs blend together in such a way to make it look like they could be conjoined. This has nothing to do with my rating but I thought it'd be funny to share. (And if I can't unsee it, neither should any of you!)

I don't have any skill in art, so I know my opinion may not be the most reliable, but I swear, this is amazing. You managed to capture every detail, from the wrinkles in the contracted ventricle all the way up to the shape of the opening of the aorta.

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